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NeverEnd's Bleach Tv Review


Rated: 8

I love to watch Bleach,and now i become a Bleach addict.Its original i must say,storyline was greatly done.There were fights,and humour in it.What to my surprise is,there were even humour contain in fierce battle.I mean its really something new,usually i won't see jokes when a fierce battle go on.Ok not all.....but most of the battle has it.Next i think the 13 Divisions thing was awesome.The captains are strong,each of them has their own personality and ability.Almost all of them are usually pick as favourite character.I was addicted very seriously when Ichigo and his friends went to save Rukia,that was the part where you hope to watch down and won't want to stop watching.Where you will think to yourself,how will the fight be if so and so were to fight this captain of so and so division.

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